Methodist Council papers 1-3 April 2017

1-3 April 2017Woodland Grange Conference Centre, Leamington Spa


MC17-29 Matters Arising

MC17-30 Report from the Strategy and Resources Committee (SRC) held on 22-23 February

MC17-31 Connexional Team report

MC17-32 Consolidated Accounts Cover Sheet

MC17-33 Report of the Audit Committee

MC17-34 Pornography Working Group

MC17-36 District Commissions

MC17-37 Safeguarding General Report

MC17-38 Increasing DSO Time Across Districts

MC17-39 Arrangements for Supervision of DSOs

MC17-40 Risk Assessment Policy

MC17-41 Covenants of Care

MC17-42 Accessibility to the Conference

MC17-43 Annual report of the Ministries Committee

MC17-44 Review of Listed Buildings Advisory Committee

MC17-45 MIC Ltd - trusts upon which property is held

MC17-46 Supervision Policy

MC17-47 The Budget

MC17-48 District Allocations

MC17-49 Fellowship Groups

MC17-50 Connexional Grants Committee

MC17-51 Statistics for Mission - Triennial Report

MC17-53 EDI Committee - Towards an Inclusive Church

MC17-54 Past Cases Review Implementation Group

MC17-55 World Council of Churches General Assembly

MC17-57 Dates of future Conferences

MC17-58 Faith and Order Committee

MC17-59 Legal and Property Support for Managing Trustees - update from working group

MC17-60 Connexional Allowances Committee

MC17-61 Westminster College Oxford Trust appointments

MC17-62 Local Preachers and Worship Leaders Studies Board

MC17-63 Management Responsibility for Mission Partners Superannuation Scheme

MC17-64 World Methodist Committee report

MC17-65 Investment Management Committee report

MC17-66 Mapping a way forward research phase 2

MC17-67 One Mission Forum

MC17-68 Armed Forces Covenant

MC17-69 Persons with Significant Control - Company Law (update)

MC17-70 Pensions and Assurance Scheme for Lay Employees of the Methodist Church (PASLEMC)

MC17-71 Decisions made since the last meeting of the Council

MC17-72 Shared Maternity Leave

MC17-73 Ecumenical Associate Members of the 2018 Conference

MC17-74 The Wesley Trust

MC17-75 Annual report of the Property Development Committee

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