Methodist Council papers 13-14 October 2008

October 2008 Council Agenda

MC0887: Special provision for Wesley College, Bristol 

MC0888: Matters arising from April 2008 Council

MC0889: Proposed Changes to Team Leadership Job Titles

MC0890: Roehampton University and Southlands College

MC0891: Updating the guidelines for implementing Speaking for the Methodist Church

MC0892: Taking forward the Stationing Review Group's report

MC0892A: Discussion streams for taking forward the Stationing Review Group's report

MC0893: Work Priorities for the Connexional Team 2008-09

MC0894: Methodist Heritage: The Way Forward

MC0894 Appendix 1: Methodist Heritage and Contemporary Mission

MC0894 Appendix 2: Chair of the Methodist Heritage Committee

MC0894 Appendix 3: From Team Focus Report to the 2008 Conference - Appendix 5 Review of Committees, Advisory Groups and Reference Groups that support the current Connexional Team

MC0895: Music Resources Group 

MC0896: Developing a communications strategy for the Connexional Team 

MC0897: Implementing the future of Methodist Publishing 

MC0898: Further submission from the Business and Economic Affairs Advisory Group (BEAAG) and the Mission in Business, Industry and Commerce (MIBIC) Chaplains Council 

MC0899: Appointments

MC08100: Climate Change and the Methodist Church Environmental Policy 

MC08101: Financial Market Turmoil and its Impact on the Methodist Church

Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee May 2008
Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee July 2008
Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee September 2008


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