Methodist Council papers 17-18 October 2016

High Leigh Conference Centre Hoddesdon


MC 16-70 Decisions made by the Council since last meeting

MC 16-71 Matters Arising

MC 16-73 Report from the Connexional Team

MC 16-74 Work from the Conference 

MC 16-75 Update on work from the Conference 

MC 16-77 Global Relationships Strategic Oversight Sub-Committee

MC 16-78 Reshaping Yorkshire Districts

MC 16-79 Proposal for a circuit amalgamation under SO 401(2)

MC 16-81 All We Can update

MC 16-82 Methodist Academies and Schools Trust

MC 16-83 Methodist Independent Schools Trust legal structure

MC 16-84 DBS checks and Local Preachers (Notice of Motion 2016/202)

MC 16-85 Committee Appointments

MC 16-86 Connexional Team Appointment

MC 16-87 Exemption to 5 year limitation CPF

MC 16-88 Authorisations and delegations

MC 16-89 Connexional Grants Committee

MC 16-90 Oxford Institute Anual Report 

MC 16-91 Amendment to terms of reference of Property Development Committee

MC 16-92 Appointment of group to consider the religious order aspect of the Methodist Diaconal Order 

MC 16-93 Appointment of the review group for Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes

MC 16-95A Risk Management Policy

MC 16-96 Living Wage Employer Accreditation

MC 16-97 Stationing Committee-MaternityLleave [M10 2015]

MC 16-98 Heritage Committee annual report 

MC 16-DP1 Intro for the Council

MC 16-DP2 Use of Money

MC 16-DP3 Releasing Money for God's Mission 

MC 16-DP4 Priority Appointments 

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