Methodist Council papers 3-4 April 2009

AprilĀ 2009 Council Agenda

MC0933: Matters arising

MC0934: Expectations of various groups

MC0935: Pattern of meetings for SRC and Council in 2009/10

MC0936: Proposed Connexional Team Budget 2009-10

MC0937: Connexional Allowances Committee

MC0938A: Methodist Ministers' Pension Scheme (MMPS)

MC0938B: Pension and Assurance Scheme for Lay Employees of the Methodist Church (PASLEMC)

MC0938C: Methodist Ministers' Pension Scheme (MMPS) and the Pension and Assurance Scheme for Lay Employees' of the Methodist Church (PASLEMC)

MC0938 appendix 1: Methodist Ministers' Pension Scheme - Statement of Funding Principles

MC0938 appendix 2: Pension and Assurance Scheme for Lay Employees' of the Methodist Church - Statement of Funding Principles

MC0939: World Church Relationships Staffing: Report April 2009

MC0940: Consideration of Embracing the Covenant

MC0941: The Ecumenical Calling of the Methodist Church

MC0942: Annual Development Review

MC0943: Taking forward the Stationing Review Group's report

MC0944: Safer Recruitment Policy and Guidance

MC0945: Fresh Ways Working Group

MC0946: Review of Committees, Advisory Groups and Reference Groups that Support the Connexional Team

MC0947: Report of the (Shadow) Methodist Heritage Committee and Methodist Heritage Officer

MC0948: Equalities and Diversity Project

MC0949: Personnel Files for Ministers

MC0950: Hope in God's Future

MC0951: Faith and Order Committee Report

MC0952: Notices of Motion referred to the Methodist Council

MC0953: The use of Internet Banking for the Management of Church Accounts

MC0954: Report of the Connexional Trustees for Connexional Offices Central Buildings, Manchester

MC0955: Appointment of a new Chair of the Conference Business Committee

MC0956: Progress report on the Connexional Team Communications strategy

MC0957: Methodist Publishing House Integration: Update

MC0958: Conference Business Committee

MC0959: Diaconal Seats Rota for Methodist conference 2010

MC0960: Churches invited to the 2009 Conference

MC0961: Members of the 2009 Memorials Committee

MC0962: Youth Participation Strategy - Year 1

MC0963: Appointment of mission partners

MC0964: Special Resolutions submitted by the 2008 Conference for approval by Council

MC0965: Appointment to the Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment

Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee held on 11-12th March 2009 at Hothorpe Hall

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