Methodist Council papers 30-31 January 2007

Council Agenda (Word doc) 

Team Focus papers

Part A: Essential Reading Before Council  (PDF)

Part B: Reading to Illuminate the Proposals - Perspectives Papers (PDFs) 

     pp1 Headlines
     pp2 Priorities Perspective  
     pp3 District and Circuit Perspective
     pp4 Leadership in the Connexion
     pp5 Financial Perspective
     pp6 Ecumenical Perspective
     pp7 Wider Process
     pp8 Comparison with the Present Team

Part C: Background Reading (PDF) 

Other Papers

MC0702: Ministerial Extensions of Appointment in the Team (Word doc)

MC0705: Complaints and Discipline Review Group - Final Report (Word doc)

MC0706: The Use of Methodist Church Premises by people of other Faiths: Preliminary Report (Word doc)

MC0707: Policy on part-time appointments for Ministers and Deacons(Word doc)

MC0708: Policy for phased and flexible retirement for Minsters and Deacons (Word doc)

MC0709: 2006 Conference - Memorial 3 (Southampton District) (Word doc)

MC0710: Annual Review - an appraisal scheme for Presbyters and Deacons (Word doc)

MC0711: Responses to the 'What Sort of Bishops?' report (Word doc)

MC0712: Message for Chairs (Word doc)

MC0714: Diaconal Candidates Selection Committee (Word doc)

MC0715: The Gambia - Autonomy. An update
 (Word doc)

MC0717: MRDF - Clarification of Constitutional Arrangements (Word doc)

MC0718: Appointment of Mission Partners (Word doc)

MC0719: Remit for a reconstituted Interface
 (Word doc)

MC0720: Southlands College Accounts (Word doc)

MC0721: Presbyters and Deacons Affected by Impairment (Word doc)

MC0722: Process to explore a possible review of Resolutions on Human Sexuality (Word doc)

MC0723: World Methodist Council and Conference 2006 (Word doc)

MC0724: Methodist Ministers' Pension Scheme (MMPS) and Lay Employees' Pension Scheme (LEPS) (Word doc)

MC0725: Joint Implementation Commission (Word doc)

MC0726: Lay Workers' Terms and Conditions (Word doc)

MC0727: West Midlands Regional Training Partnership
 (Word doc)

MC0728: Report to Methodist Council from the Connexional Leadership Team (Word doc)

     Leadership in the Methodist Church (Ermal Kirby) (Word doc)
     CLT - General Secretary relationship (Ward Jones) (Word doc)

MC0729: Walworth Methodist Church (Word doc)

MC0730: Equal Opportunities Monitoring (Word doc)

Appointments for January 2007 (Word doc)

Reference and Scrutiny Groups (Word doc)

Appeal to Methodist Council re Alcohol on Church Premises (Word doc)

Resolution Concerning Team Focus and Issues Identified for Further Work (Word doc)

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