Methodist Council papers 6-7 February 2008

February 2008 Council Agenda

Minutes of October 2007 Council

MC0801: Equalities and diversity report

MC0802: Diversity, equality and Methodist identity

MC0804: Governance arrangements for finance in the reconfigured Team

MC0804 Diagram 1: Reconfigured Team with unchanged finance and other governance arrangements

MC0804 Diagram 2: Proposed finance and other governance arrangements

MC0805: Connexional Team report

MC0806: The future of Women's Network

MC0807: Connexional Leadership Team review

MC0808: Review of the title 'District Chair'

MC0810: The Fresh Expressions initiative beyond 2009

MC0811: Review of ecumenical relationships working group

MC0812: World church partners consultation

MC0813: Revised arrangements for the heritage of the Methodist Church

MC0814: Senior leadership in the Methodist Church

MC0815: Archives and history committee report

MC0816: NCH trustee nomination

MC0817: Appointments to the Strategy and Resources committee

MC0818: The Revd Dr Christopher Blake

MC0819: Property consents management system - pilot exercise

MC0820: Appointment of mission partners

MC0821: Training Assessment Designated Fund - balance and use

MC0821A: Making use of the Designated Training Assessment Fund


Tabled papers

MC0822: Report from the Methodist Council Reference Group on Complaints and Discipline

MC0823: Appointments

MC0824: Co-option of members of Ministerial and Diaconal Candidates Selection Committees


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