Short film and a statement from the National Council of Churches (NCCK) on the North Korea-US tensions

Nuclear Weapons Test: A statement from the National Council of Churches (NCCK):

In the wake of another nuclear weapons test, and the US/South Korea joint military drills where they continue to practice invasions and assassination strikes of North Korea, the NCCK believes that some historical context might help us understand why current strategies of hostility are bound to fail to resolve the conflict. To that end partners in the US helped us create this video. This video is a brief overview of US policy in Korea in 1945 as it occupied the Korean peninsula after the end of WWII. Much of this history is purposely hidden from textbooks in South Korea and the US, as it contradicts most of the "single story" told by the leaders of that time.

Both the US/South Korea drills and the North Korea weapons test threaten the security of the entire region. The NCCK asks all partners to urge their governments to immediately engage in dialogue to decrease tensions and to authentically address the legitimate concerns and fears of each other.