Guide for Synod Secretaries

What to do if someone from your District wants to submit a memorial

Step 1 - Be aware of the deadline.

Memorials can be considered and passed by autumn Synods, spring Synods or at the presbyteral session of Synod.

The deadline is the Wednesday following the second Saturday in May prior to the Conference the memorial is to be considered at - this means it is always the Wednesday following the latest possible date for holding spring Synods. So, for consideration at the 2024 Conference, the deadline for receipt by the Memorials Secretary is 15 May 2024.

There is very little time for the Memorials Committee to draft replies to memorials after Synods have met. Therefore, if your Synod is taking place in May then it is extremely helpful if you can send the Memorials Secretary advance warning before your Synod takes place, including a copy of the text of the proposed memorial. This will allow more time for the reply to the memorial to be properly considered and researched.

Step 2 - The Synod considers and votes on the memorial

If the majority of those present and voting are in favour, then the memorial can go forward to be put on the Conference agenda. Don't forget to record how many people were present and entitled to vote, how many were in favour, and how many were against the proposal.

Step 3 - Send the memorial to the Conference Memorials Secretary

Don't forget that it must arrive by the Wednesday following the second Saturday in May.

Memorials can be submitted by email or post, though it is normally more convenient for all concerned if they can be submitted by email. This also allows immediate confirmation that your memorial has been received.

If possible, please use the form below. This will ensure that you include all the information required. If using a separate document then please check that you have included:

  • The name and number of the District
  • Contact details.  The Synod Secretary does not need to sign an electronic version if it is received directly from them
  • Voting figures: i.e. how many people were present and entitled to vote, how many were in favour, and how many were against
  • The text of the memorial
  • Any background or supporting statement that the District wishes to send. This won't be printed in the Conference Agenda, but it may help the Memorials Committee in drafting their reply

If a circuit sends you a memorial

Circuits should send you copies of any memorials they have passed for your information.  You don't need to forward them, but you may like to check they have also copied them to the Memorials Secretary.

Memorial template form