#GodIsWithUs Christmas Campaign 2020

It is fair to say we’re all a bit uncertain about what Christmas is going to be like this year – and perhaps we’re feeling a bit anxious about this. It's also fair to say that this year as much as ever it is critical we reach out to people who aren’t part of our churches. The Christmas message of Emmanuel – the good news that God is with us – feels perhaps more pertinent than ever before in this extraordinary year. 

The Methodist Church Christmas campaign for 2020 #GodIsWithUs seeks to share this good news through twenty-four stories of individuals and their experiences of this extraordinary year. Each day of Advent we will share a testimony from somebody connected to the Methodist Church reflecting on what hope has looked like for them this year and how they have experienced God with them.

The individuals whose stories the campaign tells include those who have felt the painful effects of isolation this year, who have experienced extreme poverty, who have struggled with poor mental health, who have lost loved ones – like so many millions of others. But ultimately, incredibly, God’s loving presence radiates from each of them in beams of powerful hope. Hope that is so necessary for such a time as this.

The campaign name, which ties in with our Presidential theme for the year, of course comes from John Wesley’s purported words on his death bed: ‘the best of all is, God is with us’ which reminds us that even in the times which feel most uncertain, we can be certain of God. Who do you know who needs to hear this message over the coming months?   

 The campaign offers the following content:

  • Shareable social media posts every day in Advent on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - these will contain a quote from the story of the day alongside a photo of the person who's story it is.
  • A video released on 1st December on YouTube and shared on social media. This will be narrated by the 24 campaign participants and will simply show clips of each person.
  • Sets of postcards (A6) available for local churches to order (free, + P&P) to give out locally. NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER HERE. The postcards have reflective questions for you to contemplate where God has been for you this year. [UPDATE 19/11/20 - reprints are in progress as we have sold out. Delivery to the warehouse is expected to be 27 November. Thank you for your patience.]
  • Two campaign posters available to download by clicking on the images below:

            Poster A (A4)                                     Poster B (A4)

  • Poster B  is also available as print on demand from Christian Publishing and Outreach (CPO) in sizes A0-A4.
  • Worship at Home service sheets for each Sunday in December and an extra service for Christmas Day,  available to download from the Methodist Church website. 
  • A Worship at Home Christmas CD which is available to pre-order from Methodist Publishing (free plus P&P charges - publication date 7 December). The audio CD hopes to help those who are unable to watch services online or attend physical services. Listen to this act of worship at home, in your car or on your daily walks.  The service will also be available as a free download from the middle of December – link coming soon.

  • A weekly prayer and reflection produced by JPIT - available here.
  • The campaign social media posts are available to download in advance for organisations and local churches wishing to schedule them throughout Advent. These will be provided in weekly batches on the Friday of the previous week for you to schedule for the following week.  If you have any questions please email Holly Adams on adamsh@methodistchurch.org.uk.
  • Download the first batch here (December 1st-December 6th).

    Please ensure you are scheduling these on the correct date, and not before 10am each day. Please check the word document in the Dropbox for wording. Please always use the hashtag #GodIsWithUs whenever you're posting about the campaign. 

The materials ask questions which encourage Methodists and non-Methodists  alike to consider their own story of faith in 2020 and to share it with one another or online. The campaign aims to encourage Methodists to reflect, share their stories, and reach out to others outside the church and encourage them to do the same.

The postcards are designed to be posted to your friends, family, neighbours and communities. Please always stay safe and follow the Government Covid-19 guidelines when using these materials. For the latest coronavirus guidance from The Methodist Church, please visit www.methodist.org.uk

We've heard loads of great ideas about the ways these materials are being used locally, here are two of them:  

  • St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Basildon have written a four-part Advent Study based on the campaign which you can download and use yourselves.
  • Carterknowle Methodist Church have made Christmas Angels bearing the campaign message - God Is With Us.

Download the graphics

This is the logo:

This is the 'sign-off':

  • The logo can be downloaded from here. 
  • The Welsh logo can be downloaded from here. 
  • The ‘sign off’ can be downloaded from here. 
  • The Welsh ‘sign off’ can be downloaded from here.

Join panellists: Holly Adams (Evangelism and Contemporary Culture Officer), Sanya Strachan (Marketing Executive), Oli Morriss (Digital Content Officer), Nel Shallow (Methodist Presbyter and Notts and Derby District Arts Enabler), Chris Briggs (District Mission Enabler Nottingham and Derby District) as they explore mission at Christmas this year, specifically through the Methodist Christmas campaign #GodIsWithUs.


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