Evangelism in a digital world

In the digital age of communication, the internet is a crucial platform for evangelism – particularly for younger generations who spend over 15 hours a day online but also for those who are isolated, housebound, or far from home. Together, we seek to understand, explore, and innovate around what it means to be followers of Jesus in digital space. 

Are you wondering what digital evangelism is and how you can do it? To equip the whole church for mission online, there are resources here:

There are also the following downloadable guides on these specific areas of digital evangelism:

Further support:

Are you a digital pioneer or innovator? We'd love to hear from you if you’re passionate about any of the following: experimenting with digital evangelism; planting online Christian community; or creating original digital Christian content. We are in the process of developing a space for learning and experimenting with online evangelism and community and are working on the best ways to resource and equip digital pioneering in the Methodist Church. Email Ali Johnson to let him know what you’re up to.

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