Learning and development for local lay pastors

Local Lay Pastors are people engaged in lay ministry authorised by a local church or circuit and acting in a pastoral and mission leadership role in a local congregation. They may be paid or voluntary, full-time or part-time. They are commissioned to engage in pastoral ministry and mission on behalf of, and in collaboration with, local church members, for specified periods of time.  An individual’s ministry will vary according to their gifts and skills, and the local situation.

In some cases, they may be a ‘pioneer’ - someone who, as a primary focus of their ministry, is connecting with, and aiming to encourage the formation of, disciples among un-churched or de-churched people and intentionally developing a new ecclesial Christian community, or fresh expression of church.

We are currently developing a suite of resources for Local Lay Pastor learning and development. At present, the following resources are available:

  • Local Lay Pastor learning resources – a list of some already available resources, from Methodist and other sources, likely to be useful for the initial training of Local Lay Pastors, though not specifically designed for this purpose. The resources are categorised in terms of the typical competencies that Local Lay Pastors need to display. Please note that it will take varying lengths of time to engage with these resources – sometimes it may be preferable to dip into the most relevant parts of the resource.

  • ‘Gathering Places’ – one excellent way of keeping learning and growing as a Local Lay Pastor is to have a ‘Community of Practice’, a regular gathering of Local Lay Pastors who can help and support each other. There are some ideas in this diagram about what the Community of Practice might cover. And here is a short video to introduce the Community of Practice diagram.



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