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3rd February 2022

Guidance has been sent to all treasurers on email encryption

17th November 2021

The Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church will be holding its Annual Conference on Ethics and Investment virtually on December 14 between 10:00am and 12:00pm. For more information and to RSVP, please visit,’

 1st October 2021We have received a response from HSBC regarding the new charges on charitable bank accounts.  The letter can be found here

21st September 2021

Video featuring the President, Vice President and Director of Finance & Resources in conversation about the Conference resolution asking all churches, circuits and districts to make a voluntary contribution to the Pension Reserve Fund:


25th August 2021

Further information has been published relating to the Conference resolution asking for contributions to the Pension Reserve Fund.  Further details can be found here

 We have published a clarification in relation to the Apprenticeship Levy that can be found here

 29th July 2021

HSBC require account holders to undertake their “Safeguard” process. This is unrelated to Methodist ‘Safeguarding’ and instead relates to the bank’s attempts to counter financial crime and fraud. You only need to undertake this process when contacted by HSBC, however, should you fail to respond to their request it could lead to your account being frozen or closed.  Many Methodist churches have already completed this process but have found some of the questions asked rather puzzling. Consequently, we have pushed HSBC into providing additional guidance and this can be found here HSBC guidance

Should you have any further difficulties with the process you should contact HSBC in the first instance.  However, we are currently able to escalate complaints within HSBC should they be unable to resolve the issues you raise with them.

9th July 2021

Pension Funding Communication 

23 October 2020

Fraud alert and guidance for Treasurers sending cheques by  post (Pdf)




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