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16th April 2021

Further to the information provided in the last newsletter concerning the Safe-guarding process adopted by HSBC in relation to their customer’s accounts, we have been making good progress in discussions with HSBC senior management. 500 churches that were due to be invited to undertake the process have had these invites put on hold whilst HSBC sort out their internal processes and provide guidance specific to Methodist churches. However, in relation to the 500 churches who have already been contacted to complete the Safeguarding review, these churches need to complete the process. All deadlines prior to the end of May are to be pushed back in to June. Each accountholder affected will be written to by HSBC with a revised deadline and will be invited to contact the helpline where they continue to struggle. Should treasurers continue to receive inadequate support from HSBC they should forward their concerns to the Connexional Team

23 October 2020

Fraud alert and guidance for Treasurers sending cheques by post (Pdf)


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