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Why are church websites important?

"If our church is invisible online, those searching will assume it has closed down. We can expect very few visitors. If we have a website but it's woefully out of date, it looks as if we don't care, or stopped putting on events after Easter 2014. If our website is up to date but talks only about our building and activities, not about our people, our beliefs, or our we inadvertently communicate that the church, rather than Christ, is the endpoint?" 

Taken from "Church Online: Websites" book by CPO in the series "Reach Out: Church Communications"

"There are over 4.4 billion internet users worldwide " (source)

"79% of UK adults use a smartphone" (source)


Using church websites for evangelism

Guide produced by the Methodist Evangelism and Growth Team:

Using church websites for evangelism (pdf)


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