Church website checklist

Remember to include this information on your church website. You can download the checklist to print out and pin up as a reminder.

Name of your church

This should be the most prominent content.

If the name doesn't tell you where you are - add the location. For instance Trinity Methodist Church Darlington not just Trinity Methodist Church. This is better for being found on Google. 

Regular service times

This is the most common thing that people want to know - make sure it's on the homepage, or that there is a prominent link on the homepage.

Church address and directions

Sometimes the things that are obvious to us aren't to others! This should be on the homepage.

Ideally use an embedded Google map for directions. In Google maps, find your church, click on it and then follow instructions on how to embed a Google map.

Contact details

Ideally this should be email and telephone. 

Biographies of your church staff and minister

Ideally include photos, and optionally direct contact details - as long as people are happy to share these. It makes your church appear friendlier if there are some smiling faces on your website.

'What to expect at our church'

Short and inviting descriptions of what goes on in terms of the form of worship, bible study groups, mother and toddler groups etc. This can make it easier for newcomers to choose to try out your church. 

'What we believe' or your mission statement

What does your church exist for?


What mission activities or events to you hold? Feature these prominently.

Your church logo

Do you have a nicely designed logo for your church?

If not you can find out how to get one that matches the Methodist Church branding here.

Link to your circuit and district websites

It is good to show that you are 'in connexion' with others.

The Methodist logo

The Methodist Church in Britain logo to add to your website is available here.

Link to the Methodist Church website

Use to link to this website.

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