Network of Communicators

The Communications Team of the Methodist Church in Britain has established a ‘Network of Methodist Communicators’ across the Connexion for sharing creative ideas, resources, expertise, and discussion on all aspects of communication. A group of nearly 200 people in paid or volunteer roles.

Are you employed in a digital role in a church, circuit, or district?

Or maybe you have a role as a volunteer, managing church websites or social media? Are you a minister who is actively involved in church communication, online or offline? A social media manager, comms officer, content creator, digital innovator, video editor, livestream producer, manage newsletters, create print material, or work with the press?

Then the Network of Methodist Communicators is for you!

If you’d like to be part of this network, which we are slowly expanding, and have a relevant role or involvement with church communications, please sign up below. We don't send many emails, and mostly facilitate communication and discussion through our Facebook Group which was launched in March 2020. 

It has two specific purposes:
• to join up those that are doing work in this area and maximise the reach of good practice and resources
• to use it as a sounding board to shape the training and resources provided by the Connexional Team
At this stage, it is a closed group for people who’ve signed up to be in the Network of Methodist Communicators.

Join the Network of Methodist Communicators




If you're a beginner, just getting started, or don't have a role in church communications, but interested in this type of community for sharing and learning, then this alternative group may be of interest:

Social media self help Facebook Group (an unofficial Methodist Facebook Group for help with social media)

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