Facebook for churches

Guidance for using Facebook in your Church for Mission and Evangelism

Why use Facebook for your Church?

Facebook is a website where you can connect with friends and family, and share with others. You can post a wide variety of content, including text, photos, links, events, interactive polls and more. It is still a widely used platform and has a very diverse user base; so a great place to have a church presence. The best place to start if you are unsure.  Active monthly users: 2.3+ billion (source). Target audience: everyone. Best for: all churches. 

 "78% of UK internet users are on Facebook" (source)


Click the links below to see our guidance:

Difference between Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Groups

How to create a Facebook Page for your Church

Guidance on using your church Facebook page for mission

Church Facebook page checklist

How to get started with Facebook for individuals



Using Facebook for evangelism

Guides produced by the Methodist Evangelism and Growth Team:

Using church Facebook pages for evangelism (pdf)

Using your personal Facebook profile for evangelism (pdf)



External Resources

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