Create a Twitter account for your church

Account name and handle

Sign up at

Your name can be changed at any time and should describe you fully: eg Mytown Methodist Church

Your username is your unique Twitter 'handle' and is used in your Twitter web address (URL). It has a maximum of 15 characters. It is good to describe yourself as fully as you can within this limitation: eg @MytownMethodist



Twitter gives you a “Bio” which is like a description and your main opportunity to encourage people to engage with your account. You only have 160 characters – but it’s recommended you use all of it.

Provide useful info such as your regular service times. Twitter also allows you to add a location and website link: use these to display your church location and church website.

Profile picture and cover photo

Try to avoid using just the church building – “church” is not the building, but the people. It’s great to share photos of your building, just don’t make it the first thing people see.

Logos work best for the profile picture and many Methodist churches use the Methodist Orb and Cross which works well on Twitter. You can download the Orb and Cross logo here.

The header photo is less important, but it’s still a great opportunity to showcase our community and give a welcoming message – again avoid using an image of the outside of your building if possible. Be careful when using photos with identifiable adults or children (GDPR / safeguarding).


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