How to use your church Twitter account for mission and evangelism

How to post on Twitter

It’s important to post regularly – you can’t post ‘too much’ on Twitter.

Use hashtags in your posts but no more than two: research shows this is the ideal amount.

Remember you can share posts (retweet) as well as creating your own content. Try to always “retweet with comment” and add your own text. Whilst it can be temping to cross-post to Twitter (i.e. automatically share Facebook or Instagram posts), this is something to avoid as the tweet appears as a link with no text.

Finally, when applicable, tag others in your posts using the ‘@’ symbol.

What to post

It can be hard sometimes to know what to post on Twitter: be careful to avoid just posting service information and events.

Twitter isn’t a notice board for your church, it’s a conversation – our aim is promote engagement.

Use a range of content (text, photos or video)

  • ask a question; run a poll
  • post a sermon quote, Bible passage or prayer
  • share pictures from events
  • behind the scenes at your church
  • thought of the day
  • what to expect on Sunday
  • etc

When posting images the ideal size is 1024x512 pixels

Engage with others

Twitter is a community.

  • 'Like' other people’s tweets
  • Comment on other people’s / organisations posts and support them
  • Engage in their conversation
  • Follow relevant accounts.
  • Share local events.
  • Get involved!
Ideal Photo Sizes

Ideal Twitter Image Sizes: (as of Nov 2019)


Twitter Profile Picture - Should be at least 400x400 pixels (square) and a max of 2mb in size. Be aware that your profile picture shows as a circle. 

Twitter Header Photo- 1500x500px (3:1 ratio)

Twitter Image Post - 1024x512px

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