Computers for ministry

This scheme offers the financial support described below plus a free e-mail service.
For more details about the e-mail service, please follow this link:  Methodist Church Webmail

The 2017 Conference adopted a revised Computers for Ministry scheme to provide an annual allowance to all ministers (except those whose computing facilities are provided at their place of work). The allowance, which is subject to tax and NI, is paid with the October stipend. For the year 2018/2019, this was £161.

In addition, from September 2018, student ministers will receive a grant of four times the annual amount when they begin training. This grant was previously offered to probationers at the beginning of their active ministry. Those commencing their second or third year in training in 2018 were also eligible to receive this grant. More details of this grant can be found at (paragraph 1.21 page 101).

A broadband internet connection should be provided if it is available on the same terms as the provision of telephones for presbyters and deacons.


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