Image projection

The advent of affordable, high quality projectors has introduced a host of new possiblities for church worship.

At the simplest level, words of hymns can be projected on a screen as an alternative to photocopying a hymnsheet for everyone. 

It is also possible to project images or video to complement meditation and prayer. For instance, praying for an end to war and suffering could be aided by showing war footage.

Projectors can be connected to a DVD player, or to a computer to project a Powerpoint presentation, for instance. If you have the time and inclination, it is possible to create your own mixture of words, music and images that combine together to create new and powerful experiences.

Of course there are copyright law implications for using work created by others. But used judiciously, the shared experience of watching images, still or moving, opens up a whole new field of possibilities for the Church.

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