Historically music has had a central role in Christian worship. Nowadays though, it can sometimes be hard to ensure the reliable availability of musicians,
especially in smaller churches.

It is now possible to have music to accompany worship without the need for any musical instruments or even musicians...

MIDI files can be used as an alternative to the organ or a live band.

The use of MIDI file technology means that you can play music as if it was a pre-recorded tape, and at the same time doing away with the
disadvantages of singing to pre-recorded music. You can control the tempo, key, number of verses, and even which instruments are going to be heard!

MIDI files are like digital versions of the old pianola rolls. They do not consist of any recorded music, just a set of instructions for the machine that plays them. There are small, MIDI file players that start at a few hundred pounds and only need some form of amplification, such as a PA system or a portable speaker to play through.

It's not live music, but it could be a good second best...

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