Useful links and organisations

Association for Church Editors

Network of self-help groups for editors of church magazines of all denominations. Provides access to high quality materials for use in church magazines and supports training days


Churches' Media Council

Recognised agency of CTBI bringing together individuals, Churches and other Organisations to support Christians in the media.
Offers an annual Conference, consultancy, continuing professional development, local groups, magazine, prayer support, training, and representation on public policy issues.


A quality, accessible and welcoming website where Jesus can be explored and discovered. The Christian Enquiry Agency works in partnership with Churches and Organisations to provide opportunities for people to enquire about Jesus Christ and, in confidence, supplies
information about the Christian faith. Links with local churches are offered to all enquirers.


ROOTS Worship and Learning for the whole Church

Lectionary-based resource programme for churches from all denominations, specially designed to support and develop the worship and learning of the whole Church community. Companion website which features supplementary resources for subscribers, and material developed in quick response to topical events.

Details from Methodist Publishing


Christian Copyright Licensing International
Provides a range of licence arrangements that enables churches to keep within the law and concentrate on communicating the Gospel in a way that assists churches to grow.

Useful brochure sets out the main licences available.

Tel: 01323 436 103

NCH IT OK Campaign

Helping children achieve their potential includes offering them the chance to use and understand computers and the internet. NCH launched its IT OK project to campaign for safe and equal access to IT for all children.

Tel: 020 7704 7000


The following organisations may be able to offer discounts to churches:


Phoenix Software

Tel: 0845 265 1265


Pugh Computers

Tel: 01974 200 201


Tel: 01462 499 599



Tel: 020 7760 2802
works through Charity Logistics at




National Council of Voluntary Organisations

Tel: 020 7520 2444

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