Using Zoom Webinar for Synods

Many people are used to Zoom Meetings, but following the Zoom Webinar based Methodist Conference this year, we have been asked to give guidance on using Zoom Webinar as an alternative for you to consider.

We ran a drop-in webinar about how to run your Synod on Zoom Webinar on 31 July to go over the settings and procedures detailed on this page. You can watch the webinar again here


Get a Zoom Webinar account

If you don't already have access to Zoom Webinar you can buy it here: 
Make sure the package you choose is big enough for your Synod.


Set up Zoom Webinar in advance and invite people

There are some things you need to ensure are set up correctly in advance, and below is a checklist with instructions on how to do this, and send out invitations.

Download the Zoom Webinar Set-Up and Invitation checklist here (Pdf)


Run practice sessions and Synod on Zoom Webinar

NB It is very important that you run practice sessions before Synod.

These practice sessions should include all the Panellists (those who will be the 'Platform Party' including those who will carry out technical Zoom tasks) and some 'dummy Attendees' (about 10 should suffice) to practice things like voting, addressing the Synod and sending messages to the Platform.

You should continue to run practice sessions until you have ironed out any issues, worked out the best ways of working, and are confident with the Webinar platform.

You can then if you think it will be helpful, run one or more drop-in session, using Zoom Webinar, that will give all Synod members a quick practice of voting and coming forward to speak in advance of Synod.

Download the Running Synod on Zoom Webinar task list (Word doc)


Further help

This guidance aims to be as comprehensive as possible, but will not cover every detail of Zoom Webinar.

Please Google 'Zoom Webinar.... my question' - for example - 'Zoom Webinar how do I assign a Co-Host' to access online guidance from Zoom if you have further questions.

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