EDI Toolkit

We are working on a new version of this Toolkit which will be published during 2022. Please use anything which is helpful from these current modules and do get in touch if you see anything that you think needs revising. You could do this by contacting Jill Marsh at marshj@methodistchurch.org.uk

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Toolkit is designed to support the discipleship and mission of the Methodist Church and enrich the life of the Church. The toolkit seeks to equip Methodists to go beyond legal compliance, being based on the principle that all humankind is made in God's image, and therefore worthy of dignity and respect.

Case studies and stories play a central role in the toolkit as they evidence real experiences, positive and negative. The stories demonstrate how issues arise through different people's life experiences. They help us to understand the pain of isolation, patterns of exclusion and inclusion, oppression, discrimination, joy, hope and fear.

There are seven main modules. Module 1.2, the Theological Underpinning, is crucial to understanding the Toolkit as a whole.

The Toolkit can be downloaded below.



Module 1.1 : Introduction to EDI (Pdf) 

Module 1.2 : Theological Underpinning (Pdf) 

Module 1.3 : The Law (Pdf) 

Module 1.4 : Unconscious Bias (Pdf)

Equality themes

Module 2 : Age (Pdf) 

Module 3 : Class and Economic Justice (Pdf) 

Module 4 : Disability and Impairment (Pdf)

Module 5 : Gender (Pdf) 

Module 6 : Ethnicity (Pdf) 

Module 7.1 : Sexual Orientation (Pdf) 

Module 7.2 : Welcoming Same-Sex Couples and their Families: Please note: This module will be revised during 2022 in the light of Conference 2021 decisions on the report 'God in Love Unites Us'Meanwhile, you can find helpful materials by following the links below:
The Family Ministry Research Project 
Models of family, relationships and marriage


Additional Materials

For Module 1

For Module 3

  • Truth and Lies about Poverty, Report ( PDF)
  • Truth and Lies about Poverty, Study Guide ( PDF)

For Module 5

  • Practice guidelines to support the report ‘Domestic Abuse and the Methodist Church… Taking Action’ ( PDF)

For Module 6

For Module 7.1

  • Living with Contradictory Convictions worship resource ( PDF)
  • Homophobia: definition and guidance ( PDF)

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