The EDI committee and groups

Standing Order: 336 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDI)

(1)  The Methodist Council shall annually appoint an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, to discharge the following duties:

(i) supporting the work of the Council in all matters relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion by providing expert resources, advice and guidance.

(ii) assisting the Council by scrutinising reports and policies which have regard to equality, diversity and inclusion.

(iii) assisting the Council in identifying areas of activities that require improved awareness and understanding of inclusion.

(iv) supporting the Council inthe promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion across the connexion.

(v) developing learning and development programmes and any other resources as directed by the Council.

Further details on the Terms of Reference can be found here and details of the EDI Committee architecture can be found here


Belonging Together Ministers' Group 

"To Encourage, Challenge, Inspire & Develop"

The Belonging Together Ministers' Group began in 1985, then known as the Black Methodist Ministers' Group, to give support and encouragement to the small number of black deacons and presbyters in the British Conference.  There are now almost a hundred deacons and presbyters of Caribbean, African, Latin and South American, Asian and Middle Eastern heritage within our Conference. The constitution can be found here

The publicity leaflet produced by the group aims to inform the wider church of its purpose to encourage equality and diversity at every level in the Methodist church, it can be found here

The Belonging Together Ministers' Group has been a godsend to many who have felt unsupported in ministry and who have experienced the great challenges of acceptance and encouragement from church and society.   Now that we are in a post Brexit era, some are even having their identity questioned in negative and destructive ways. The group is therefore even more vital as some people retain a sense of fear and uncertainty about the future.

We are an important resource to the wider church because there are many gifted people who have a lot to offer the church.  Sadly, this is not always encouraged or recognised as the church has tended to look to the safe option and not to the rich contributions which many people from ethnic and diverse backgrounds offer.   The church is infected with a particular mind-set which has hardened over many generations.  It is sometimes difficult to challenge this as people find security in the systems, processes and structures with which they are familiar.

The group exists therefore to say to the church that God wants a diverse church where all people of peace can develop, flourish and have their full potential, for the growing of God's community of hope, trust and love, realised.  The church of God is diminished if some people are not allowed to offer their gifts in celebration and praise of Almighty God.

Rev Albert Gayle

Chair, Belonging Together Ministers' Group

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