Introducing positive working together

The Positive Working Together Guidelines provide information for people who feel they are experiencing bullying or harassment. 

The Guidelines may also be useful for those who have been accused of behaving in this way. The intention is to provide help with the informal resolution of these issues, recognising that in some cases it is appropriate to seek to resolve these matters formally through appropriate Church procedures.

Also available is a summary document: Positive Working Together - A Short Guide

For use at Synods and other gatherings, where you would like to introduce the concept of Positive Working Together, we have two PowerPoint Presentations available for download:

PowerPoint 1: Provides an update of the implementation of Positive Working Together and signposts to some useful resources.

PowerPoint 2: A slightly longer presentation that, as well as the above, supports the Positive Working Together Short Guide.

These PowerPoint Presentations can be edited/amended as needed to suit your needs. See this example from the Southampton Synod for instance.

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