Continuing Development (CLPD)

Ideas for Local Preachers' (and Worship Leaders') Meetings

These are great opportunities for learning and sharing together, encouraging each other in our shared mission.  On this page, you will find ideas and resources to help make the most of our meetings together.  The range of resources will grow as material is added, so please keep checking for new ideas.

Meeting Well

What is the Local Preachers' Meeting?  What do we need to do, and what are the possibilities to do things differently?  Here is a summary, with some suggestions about how we might make the most of the time we spend together:

Meeting Well: Guidelines for Local Preachers' Meetings

Note that in some circuits, Worship Leaders also take part in these meetings.  The term "Local Preachers' Meeting" includes these meetings too.

Continuing Local Preacher Development (CLPD)

As Local Preachers, we are committed to lifelong learning.  We need to continue in developing our understanding and skills in preaching the Word and leading the people of God in worship. 

Continuing development happens in many ways.  Experiences we have, books we read, films we watch can all be opportunities for reflecting on what God is doing in the world, and how we can respond in faith.  We are encouraged to keep a note of the learning we do, and to share some of it with our fellow worship leaders and preachers.  Every three years we have a particular opportunity for doing this as we Review our Ministry - guidelines below.

We also learn from each other through sharing our experiences of preaching and leading.  We are encouraged to share our thoughts and reflections regularly and informally with another preacher in Peer Review - guidance is below.

The Local Preachers' meeting provides an ideal setting for our learning, yet sometimes we struggle to know how best to use the time we have together.   Here are some ideas for CLPD sessions for your Local Preachers' Meeting.  Each session is designed to take around an hour, but all can be adapted to suit local needs.

Session Plans

A Methodist Way of Life and Worship

A session plan by Revd Dr Roger Walton with activities and discussion ideas relating a Methodist Way of Life to our worship leading and preaching.

A Methodist Way of Life / Bible Month on Mark's Gospel

Helpful discussion-starters grouped around the four areas of Our Calling, highly appropriate for connecting MWoL with the current lectionary gospel.

A Great Cloud of Witnesses

A new session plan by Revd Dr Tim Woolley looking at three preachers from our Methodist story who can inspire us now.

Positive Working Together

The Positive Working Together guidelines provide resources to resist bullying and harrassment and promote a culture of positive working.  How can we as preachers and worship leaders influence the culture of church positively through our reflection on scripture and faith?  Gary Hopkins' session plan offers some ideas.

Preaching Peace & Justice

Justice and peace are at the heart of the gospel message.  But how can we engage with these issues in our preaching with integrity?  This session, produced in association with JPIT, explores some ideas for engaging with the issues in the worship we lead.

Sharing our Story - including testimony in worship

Methodists have always encouraged each other by sharing our experiences of faith and life.  How do we encourage this to happen in our worship?  This session by Revd Paul Wood and Revd Ian Worsfold provides a chance to try out a range of ideas that might work in the churches in your circuit.

Worship & Whole-life Discipleship

As Christians, we seek to live for Jesus wherever we are, whatever we do.  Here's a session by Ed Mackenzie and Tony Moodie focussing on how to connect the worship we lead to the life we live as disciples of Jesus.

Local Preachers' Accountability and Review

Since the 2018 Conference, Local Preachers are required to "review their ministry" every three years.  These two Guidance Notes explain what is required of us, and how peer review can become a helpful part of our continuing development as local preachers:

LP Guidance Note - Reviewing our Ministry 

LP Guidance Note - Peer Review


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