Continuing Development (CLPD)

Ideas for Local Preachers' (and Worship Leaders') Meetings

These are great opportunities for learning and sharing together, encouraging each other in our shared mission.  On this page, you will find ideas and resources to help make the most of our meetings together.  The range of resources will grow as material is added, so please keep checking for new ideas.

Meeting Well

What is the Local Preachers' Meeting?  What do we need to do, and what are the possibilities to do things differently?  Here is a summary, with some suggestions about how we might make the most of the time we spend together:

Meeting Well: Guidelines for Local Preachers' Meetings

Note that in some circuits, Worship Leaders also take part in these meetings.  The term "Local Preachers' Meeting" includes these meetings too.

Continuing Local Preacher Development (CLPD)

As Local Preachers, we are committed to lifelong learning.  We need to continue in developing our understanding and skills in preaching the Word and leading the people of God in worship.  The Local Preachers' meeting provides an ideal setting for our learning, yet sometimes we struggle to know how best to use the time we have together.

Here are some ideas for use in the Local Preachers' Meeting.  Each session is designed to take around one hour, but all are flexible to suit local needs:

A Methodist Way of Life and Worship

A session plan by Revd Dr Roger Walton with activities and discussion ideas relating MWoL to our leading of worship.

A Methodist Way of Life / Bible Month on Mark's Gospel

Helpful discussion-starters grouped around the four areas of Our Calling, highly appropriate for connecting MWoL with the current lectionary gospel.

Positive Working Together

Preaching Peace & Justice

Sharing our Story - including testimony in worship

Worship & whole-life discipleship

Local Preachers' Accountability and Review

Since the 2018 Conference, Local Preachers are required to "review their ministry" every three years.  These two Guidance Notes explain what is required of us, and how peer review can become a helpful part of our continuing development as local preachers:

LP Guidance Note - Reviewing our Ministry 

LP Guidance Note - Peer Review


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