Faith & Worship course FAQs

How many sections of Faith & Worship can I submit per submission period?

A maximum of two sections per submission period can be submitted.


How long does it take to become a Local Preacher?

The minimum is fifteen months; 3 months 'on note', twelve months 'on trial'. The normal period for 'on trial' is between two and four years.

Note that Standing Orders specify a maximum time from the commencement of the "On Trial" period to admission as a Local Preacher of five years.  Extensions to this time may be granted in exceptional circumstances by your District Policy & Resources Committee on the recommendation of your Local Preachers' Meeting.


What happens if I don't complete Faith & Worship in five years?

The Local Preachers Meeting must complete an "Extension to period 'on trial' form" which is then submitted to the District Policy Committee. Standing Orders state that such extension 'should be granted only in very exceptional circumstances'. 

If you think you have a valid reason to require an extension, it is wise to request an extension as early as possible.


How much does Faith & Worship cost? Who pays for it?

The Faith & Worship course material is paid for by the local circuit.

The local preacher 'on note/trial' must pay for their own study books including Bible.

Some circuits donate second hand books to the local preacher 'on note/trial'.


Can I submit my Faith & Worship assignments orally via CD/other recording?

At present we do not have the capabilities for oral examination of course work. For further advice please contact us by email


When are Faith & Worship assignments submitted to Methodist Church House?

Connexional Assessment Deadlines are March 31st (SPRING) and September 30th (AUTUMN).


When will I receive the results from Faith & Worship?

Connexional Assessment results are May 31st (SPRING) and November 30th (AUTUMN).

Resubmission results are approximately 6-8 weeks after receipt at Methodist Church House.

All results are sent to the local tutor unless requested otherwise.


What are exegesis passages for this/next Connexional Assessment period?

Exegesis passages can be found here as well as the Methodist Diary.


What is unit 18?

Unit 18 is a project that newly accredited local preachers must undertake within a year of their accreditation. The project can be on a topic of the local preacher's choosing.

Unit 18 is not included within sections A, B, C or D and therefore this unit is not assessed but must be presented to the Local Preachers' Meeting upon completion.


Is the Faith & Worship course worth University credits?

Faith & Worship is an access course into local preaching for the Methodist Church. It could be described as a GNVQ in preaching (similar to level 2 which is GCSE level) but again this is not an official rating and has no formal backing. If pushed F&W could be estimated as being worth 30 credits in University terms but again, this course has no official value.


Is Faith & Worship available in other languages?

Faith & Worship is currently available in the Welsh language. It has also been translated into the Chinese (Mandarin) language.


Is Faith & Worship available in an audio form?

Faith & Worship is currently not available in audio form.


Is Faith & Worship available in braille or large print?

Faith & Worship is currently not available in braille but a large print version can be developed by enlarging the font of the electronic version.


Is Faith & Worship available electronically?

The units are available for distribution from Methodist Publishing


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