Faith & Worship course Information

Coronavirus update (7th May 2020)

We have now been advised that we will be able to get periodic access to mail sent to Methodist Church House.  It is now OK to send portfolios to the usual address, and we will seek to ensure that these are assessed as soon as we can. 

We cannot however make any promises at this time when assessment might be complete, or results released.  Please be assured that no one will be put at a disadvantage through their inability to submit it by the 31st March deadline.

We recommend that you keep copies of anything you send, in case anything should go wrong with the mailing arrangements. If you have already posted a portfolio to us, don't worry.  It will be safe and will be assessed in due course. 


Faith & Worship was the approved training course for local preachers before the advent of Worship: Leading & Preaching. The deadline for admission to this course was August 31 2016, and the course is now closed for new students. For existing students, the final deadline for submission of assignments on this course is March 31 2021.

If you are already using this course, you will find information on this page about course content, the training process, and access to resources.


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