Financial Support for Local Preachers

Necessitous Local Preachers Fund (NLPF)

In 2003 it was agreed by the Connexional Local Preachers' Committee that all applications should be handled by LPMA - now LWPT


The principal purpose of NLPF is to assist Local Preachers of the Methodist Church who are in 'needy circumstances'.

Who is can make an application?

  • Local Preachers
  • Those training as Local Preachers
  • Widows/widowers or dependents of Local Preachers

In addition to the provision of general support, 'needy circumstances'  includes assistance for training and development as a Preacher where financial need arises. This may include training materials, training courses, travel to a training centre, and any other associated training costs where the training is for the initial training or continuing Local Preacher development (See Note 2 below)

Grant Awards Available

The maximum grant payable to any claimant in any one year shall not exceed:

£1000 (one thousand pounds) for Local Preachers (or those in training as Local Preachers) of the Methodist Church.

£500 (five hundred pounds) for widowers / widowers or dependents of Local Preachers.


Every application for relief shall be submitted on a Form, obtainable from LWPT, and signed and supported by the Superintendent Minister of the Circuit from which the application is received. The Trustees shall consider each application and, after making any further enquiries as may be deemed necessary, in the circumstances of each case, use their judgement to:

  • Pay the grant in full, or
  • Pay the grant in part, or
  • Defer a decision to obtain further information, or
  • Refer the application for consideration by LWPT, or
  • Decline the application.


  1. Every application shall be processed as speedily as the circumstances permit.
  2. If the application is one for training, it should be established that the Circuit, District, or the Local Church has met its expected requirements. The applicant should also demonstrate that other sources of funding for training have been explored.

For further information please contact LWPT

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