All about portfolios (for W:LP 2.0 users)

Guide to Portfolios

The Guide to Portfolios is the essential guide to what goes in a portfolio and how it is assessed and moderated.  The current issue is 2.1, dated September 2020.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at

Another document that might be helpful, especially for Folder 4,  is this Guidance on unpacking Theological Themes.  

Portfolio Submission

In brief, the portfolio process is:

  1. The student downloads the Portfolio Template (below) to their computer and uses it to collect portfolio items.  It is best to start this as soon as possible.
  2. As each item is prepared, the student discusses it with their tutor and incorporates the tutor’s feedback.
  3. When the student and tutor are both happy with a portfolio item, the tutor completes tutor’s comments on the Cover Sheet and confirms that the item has Met the assessment criteria.
  4. When all items are complete and have Met the assessment criteria, the student zips their portfolio, uploads it to Moodle and sends a copy to their tutor, allowing plenty of time for them to do their final assessment.
  5. The tutor completes their final assessment, fills in the Portfolio Assessment Form and sends it to the Regional Moderator and the Local Preachers' office. This must be done by the submission deadline.

Portfolios submission deadlines are midnight on 31 March and 30 September each year.  

Note that by the deadline, the portfolio needs to be uploaded, and the tutor needs to have sent Portfolio Assessment Form.  Otherwise, moderation cannot commence, and will be deferred to the next moderation round.

Moderation takes place twice each year, starting on the above dates.  Students are advised of the outcome of moderation at the end of May or end of November respectively. 

Portfolio Template

The Portfolio Template is a small set of folders which are used to collect portfolio items. 

There is now one template which is used for all portfolio types.  Download it here  and save it to your computer and rename it as suggested in Portfolio Guide section 4.1. 

Portfolio template (Zip file)

Please don’t change the names of the folders inside the template, to avoid confusing tutors and moderators. 

Forms & Cover Sheets

All of the forms you need to complete a portfolio are here, grouped according to the folder where they are used.

The forms are available in Word and PDF format.  Most users should use the Word versions, which are easier to use and are available to download below.

Apple computer and tablet users will however need to use the PDF forms, because Word forms are not currently supported by Apple devices.  To access the PDF forms, click here.

We recommend you download each form as you need it, and save it to your computer.  Then open it, complete it and resave it with an appropriate filename.

Folder 1

Portfolio Cover Sheet - LP A & WL

Portfolio Cover Sheet - LP B

Folder 2

Service Planning & Reflection Form

Worship & Preaching Feedback Form

Congregation Feedback Form

Folder 3

Reflection on Worship Attended

Folder 4

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code A  (Small Group)

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code B  (Presentation)

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code C  (Article)

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code D  (Essay)

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code E  (Reflection)

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code F  (Prayer Station)

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code G  (Drama)

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code H  (Meditation)

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code I  (Art or Video)

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code J  (All Age)

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code K  (Sermon)

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code L  (Culture)

Theological Themes Cover Sheet – Media Code M  (Other) 


When your student’s portfolio is complete and has been uploaded to Moodle, you will need to complete your final assessment of the portfolio and fill in the Portfolio Assessment Form (Word version).   If you use an Apple computer, you will need the PDF version which is hereNote that these are new versions, for use from May 2019.

Email the completed Portfolio Assessment & Feedback Form to your Regional Ministry Development Officer and copy it to the Local Preachers Office by midnight on 31 March or 30 September.  Keep a copy for your own records.

Further useful information for your role as a tutor is contained in the Guide for Tutors and Mentors


Moderation is carried out to ensure that assessment by Tutors is consistent across the Connexion.  Portfolios are moderated by a nominated Regional Moderator (or by a moderation team under their supervision) in each Learning Network region, then samples are moderated by a Connexional Moderation panel.  This process must be completed before students are advised of their outcomes

Note that moderators do not assess portfolios and do not comment on portfolios unless there is a particular issue to be addressed.  Students will only see moderators' comments if there are issues to discuss.

The Guide for Moderators and Portfolio Moderation Form can be downloaded for more information about the moderation process. 

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