WLP 3.0

WLP 3.0 has arrived!

The new version of the Worship: Leading & Preaching website is now live.  Anyone enrolling on the course as a worship leader or local preacher in training will be enrolled on this new version.  Later in the year it will be available to all who wish to transfer.  If you are an existing student, don't worry - version 2.0 will continue to be available for a while yet.   Full information on WLP 3.0 will be provided to new students and their tutors at the time of enrolment and they will be invited to an online induction session.  

The main difference in WLP 3.0 is a complete overhaul of the ways portfolios are created and assessed.  We have worked long and hard to eliminate the use of Word and PDF forms and the need to upload portfolios using Zip.  A document detailing the changes can be downloaded here:

WLP 3.0 Release Note - a technical description of the main features of WLP 3.0.

Note that there is no change to the learning content of the course.  WLP 3.0 is designed to make using the course easier and more enjoyable, and to remove more obstacles to learning.

Key Documents for WLP 3.0

These are the essential guides for students and all involved with WLP 3.0:

Guide to Portfolios for WLP 3.0

Guide to Learning for WLP 3.0

Guide for Tutors & Mentors for WLP 3.0

One of the key changes in WLP 3.0 is that portfolios are built and assessed entirely online, eliminating most of the Word and PDF forms that were so confusing to use. 

Here are two step-by-step guides for students and their tutors on using the new portfolio setup:

Project Workspace - Student's Guide

Project Workspace - Tutor's Guide

Course Induction

When you enrol on WLP 3.0 you will receive an invitation to a 90-minute online induction session on Zoom.  A range of dates and times will be available - please join in the one that's most convenient for you and your tutor and mentor.

If you attended an induction session and would like a copy of the latest version of the slides, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have already started on the current version of the course, can I transfer to WLP 3.0?

Yes, we can enrol you onto WLP 3.0 if you and your tutor wish to make the change.  However, because the portfolio requirements are completely different on WLP 3.0, any work you have already done may not be reusable.  You may wish to consider completing your current portfolio, then swapping to WLP 3.0 for your next one (assuming you haven't finished the course by then).

Has the contents of the course changed in the new version?

No, the syllabus and contents of the course are the same, and the resources you use for your personal study yourself haven't changed.  The contents of what is now called Learn are nearly the same as the previous Prepare.   It's mainly portfolios and the way they are produced that has changed.

How does WLP 3.0 change things for Tutors?

The main changes are that there is a now project for every module-section, which means that each project relates directly to the learning in that module-section.  Also, students complete their projects online and you provide your feedback online too.  To do this, you will log in and look at your students' work online, and type your comments into Moodle.  While this is a very different way of working, it should be much simpler than dealing with multiple forms and cover sheets and the issues around uploading portfolios - all of that now happens automatically.

Does the workload change for students?

No - although there are now 12 projects in each portfolio, these include all the work previously included in all four folders, and we have been careful to ensure that the time expectations are realistic.  We think there will be less to worry about too: the complexity of "theological themes" has gone, together with the rules about how many items are needed from each module.  It should be much easier to work out what is required for each project.

How do these changes affect the Local Preachers' Meeting?

We are no longer requiring students to submit four services in each portfolio, although there will be specific projects which require service materials to be prepared.  Instead, students are required to complete the Service Planning and Reflection Form for each of their quarterly assessed services, so that these can be reviewed with their mentor and tutor.  This is described in the Guide to Portfolios (downloadable above) and guidance for Local Preachers' Meetings is being prepared.

Can I take a look at WLP 3.0 online without having to enrol?

If you wish to take a look at WLP 3.0 and see the changes from the previous version, log with the username guestwlp3, password Guest-wlp3.  You will be able to see modules 1 to 4, the "Learn" parts and the Project Briefs, together with the new "My Notes" function.  However, you won't be able to see the Project Workspace, as this is set up specifically for those who enrol as students or tutors.

What is the WLP 3.0 Induction?

This is a 90 minute online session (using Zoom), designed for new students enrolling on WLP 3.0 and their tutors and mentors.  These sessions are run approximately every fortnight on Wednesday evenings and Friday afternoons.  When you enrol, you will receive details for all sessions planned for the next couple of months.  If you receive an invitation, you are strongly recommended to attend a session with your tutor and mentor.  This will set the scene for your learning using the course.


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