Explore Together

Learning together with others is a vital and engaging part of learning as a Worship Leader or Local Preacher.  That’s why the Explore sessions are so central to the course.  It’s not always possible to gather a group together in a Circuit or even a District, but there are alternatives: 

Explore Online

Explore Online provides an opportunity to engage with the Explore sessions of the course online.  To benefit from this you need to have completed the Prepare (WLP 2.0) or Learn (WLP 3.0) material for your chosen modules.

We are currently reviewing the future format of Explore Online.  We hope to restart in autumn 2022, offering modules in either evening or weekend sessions to enable those to take part who cannot manage daytime Monday - Friday.  Information wil be posted here when available.

Summer School at Cliff College is back!

It takes place on Monday 1st to Friday 5th August 2022

Summer School provides the opportunity to do the Explore sessions for two full modules of Worship: Leading & Preaching in one intensive week at Cliff College in the heart of the Peak District of Derbyshire.  To attend, you should have completed the Learn (WLP 3.0) or Prepare (WLP 2.0) parts of your chosen two modules.

Full details and a booking link are on the Cliff College website here.

Worship: Leading & Preaching in a Year

This programme offers an opportunity to complete Worship: Leading & Preaching course in a Year.   It requires a high level of commitment from you as a student, but this may be just right for you if you have a strong sense of God's call and the opportunity and inclination to commit to intensive study.

The programme also makes demands on your home circuit and the Local Preachers' Meeting, who must complete their parts of the training process promptly.  The student must have a Note to Preach, a Local Tutor (who will be responsible for assessment of their portfolios) and a Mentor.   WLP in a Year will provide the Explore sessions, the support of a peer group who are committed to completing the course, and support and liaison for the circuit in aligning their formational process with WLP course deadlines. 

The programme includes attendance at an initial residential weekend, a second residential weekend in spring, plus the WLP Summer School, all at Cliff College.  Further details and dates are on the flyer you can download here.   A booking form for the 2022-23 course which commences in September 2022 can be downloaded here.

To find out more, contact David Hunt on 07375 304760 or email chaplain@cliffcollege.ac.uk.

Hear about the experiences of three participants in the programme in this video produced for the Cliff College Festival at Home, 2021:

There is a cost for participating in the WLP in a Year programme.  Churches, circuits and districts are urged to support and affirm their student local preachers by contributing to this cost. In cases where difficult financial circumstances would prevent someone attending, please contact the Local Preachers’ office for details of charities offering possible grant support.

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