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The brand new version of the course website (Moodle) is now live.  All existing users with the British Methodist Church have now been switched over to the new website.  Access to the previous version of the website will still be available from a link on the course homepage until the end of September.

Five headline changes are:

  1. New page design with graphics and colour, optimised for most device types.
  2. Easier navigation around the site – it's harder to get lost!
  3. Book-marking within Worship and Prepare parts.
  4. Easier and more efficient printing.
  5. Course contents unchanged, but reorganised into more logical blocks for learning.

We hope that these changes will make learning more accessible and remove obstacles from the path of those developing their calling as Worship Leaders and Local Preachers and all who wish to explore theology.

Details of the changes are available here:

WLP 2.0 Update for Users - a quick introduction to the main changes for users

WLP 2.0 Release Note - more technical details about what has changed

WLP 2.0 Prepare Mapping - information on how the Prepare material has been regrouped

Note that it is not necessary to read these documents to use the new website.

If you find anything that appears not to work correctly, please let us know at the Local Preachers' office,  Note that a few links to external websites are still broken - we are working to fix these as we find replacement sources.

Questions people are asking:

How does the new printing function work?  Go into the Introduction page of any module-section. Scroll down to the bottom, and you will find "Print Options".  Click on this, and you will be able to print any of the parts of the section, i.e. Worship, Prepare, Explore, Apply & Reflect.  You can still print material using your browser (e.g. Google Chrome) print function, but the results will depend on how your browser is set up.

How does the new Search function work?   Go to the course Home Page (click "Home" at the top left of any course page). Scroll down to find the Search box and enter a word to search for.  Note that the search is currently limited to the Prepare material, and looks for a limited range of key words in headings and text.  We are hoping to extend the range of search criteria as time permits.

Where has Extend gone?  The Extend material is intended for further study and has not been included in the new version.  It can still be accessed in the old course website (accessed from the Methodist eLearning page).  It will become part of the Continuing Development library when this becomes available in the future.

Where can I find guidance on my Portfolio items?  The Guide to Portfolios is the primary source for information about portfolios.  The Cover Sheets also contain useful pointers on assessment criteria.  The Course Handbook has now gone as it no longer reflected the course as it now is.

What is Worship: Leading & Preaching?

Worship: Leading & Preaching is the authorised training course for Worship Leaders and Local Preachers in the Methodist Church.  It is designed to equip us for mission and ministry in a changing world, and to embrace new ways of being a church, new technologies and innovative ways of learning. 

We aim to enable people from all backgrounds to develop the understanding and the skills they need to lead worship and speak of God in ways that are relevant and appropriate.  Our calling as worship leaders and local preachers is to proclaim the love of God in Christ Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Helpful Guides

The following useful Guides can be downloaded as PDF files:

  • Guide to Learning - explains the principles behind the course and how it fits into the training pathways for worship leaders and local preachers.
  • Guide to Portfolios - describes what a portfolio is, how to build one, and how it is assessed.  Essential reading for all, especially for those just starting the course.
  • Guide for Tutors and Mentors - describes what these roles involve for the W:LP course.  A useful read for students too!
  • Additional Needs Guide - information on what facilities the course offers for those with additional needs, and where to go for help and advice.

Note that the Course Handbook is now superseded. 

Enrolment for students, tutors and mentors

Students, mentors and tutors of local preachers and worship leaders in training need to be formally enrolled on the Worship: Leading and Preaching course.  The enrolment process starts by the Local Preachers' Secretary completing a Local Preacher Return Form.  More details, including the form itself, are available on the LP Secretaries' page here.  Local Preachers should be enrolled on the course as soon as they receive their Note to Preach from their Local Preachers' Meeting.

When the Return Form is received by the Local Preachers' office, we will complete the enrolment, update our records of students, tutors and mentors, and send a welcome email to those newly enrolled.  The email will contain a request to change your password within a specified time.

Enrolment as a student, tutor or mentor entitles you to access not only the core course material on the W:LP website, but also the "Module Reader" which comprises a library of useful reading resources.  These are all under copyright control, for which we pay an annual licence fee per enrolled user - hence the need to keep a full record of current users.

Access for all...

We encourage anyone to make use of the online course materials, which contain a wealth of great resources and ideas for LP Meetings, Bible studies, class meetings and small groups.  To see the course materials, go to 

Then log in with the username and password both set to guestaccess.

How does Worship: Leading & Preaching work?

W:LP is based on blended learning, uses a wide variety of media and is designed to be flexible for people to use in whatever the circumstances of their busy lives.  The course can be delivered in many ways, and circuits and districts are encouraged to find appropriate ways to support their students through their learning.  The Learning Network in each region is also available to provide support and advice.

Three principles underpin the course:

  • Student-centred - the student is responsible for their own learning (accompanied by their tutor) and for engaging with the course in ways that are most appropriate to their context.
  • Reflective practice - the course aims to develop in the student the habits of theological reflection which will serve them throughout their ministry.  The aim is not to teach (and examine) a fixed body of knowledge.
  • Portfolio assessed - students compile a portfolio to demonstrate their progress in learning.  This is locally assessed by their tutor.  There is no "marking" of assignments, and no grades are issued.  The student progresses when all assessment criteria are agreed to have been met.

A PowerPoint presentation which describes the structure of the new course can be found here.  Note that in some details, this presentation may be slightly out-of-date.  An audio version with commentary by broadcaster Revd Roger Hutchings can be found  here.  Commentary starts as you advance each slide. 

Follow this link to view a video of the Worship: Leading & Preaching introduction (Windows Media Player required).


Learning Online

The Worship: Leading & Preaching website is built on a "Virtual Learning Environment" (VLE) called Moodle, which is the de facto standard across thousands of educational institutions.  Our Moodle is hosted by the University of London Computing Centre.  

Using Moodle can be confusing at first, but there are two useful introductory videos to guide you through.  They are available here.

For those who prefer a written guide, download the Moodle User Guide.

 Other useful documents

Training Process for Local Preachers - This comprehensive table describing the complete training process for Local Preachers was updated in January 2019.

Appointment and Training of a Worship Leader - This document shows the processes and steps from someone offering themselves to be a worship leader to becoming fully commissioned.

Circuit Interviews for Persons on Trial - A newly revised version of this familiar document updated to account for changes due to Worship: Leading & Preaching as well as adding some Appreciative Enquiry techniques. The original guidance that relates closely with Faith & Worship can be found here:

Accredited Prior Experience and Learning (APEL)

Exemptions to certain parts of the Worship: Leading & Preaching course may be granted in exceptional circumstances for to students who have relevant prior experience or learning.

Advice and guidance on process and conditions for APEL can be downloaded here.

The APEL application form can be downloaded here.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding access to the course, enrolment or any other issue relating to training,  please email 

If you have a question, it may be worth checking our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.

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