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Moodle for Beginners

The Worship: Leading and Preaching course uses an online learning tool called Moodle.  These two videos provide a simple introduction to using Moodle on your computer, taking you through the enrolment process, logging in and finding your way round the course.

You can watch these videos, and pause and replay them as many times as you like while you learn the ropes.

Click here for Moodle for Beginners


Top Tips Videos

Top tips for circuit ministers and church councils with a worship leaders
Top tips for students
Top tips for tutors
Top tips for circuit local preacher secretaries
Top tips for mentors
Top tips for district local preachers secretaries
Top tips when starting a new group
Top tips for superintendents


Top Tips for Circuit Ministers and Church Councils with a Worship Leader

  • Worship leaders are now given a mentor
  • The mentor is appointed by the Local Preachers' Meeting
  • The Church Council will need to hear the feedback on any student worship leaders
  • Accept the invitation to attend the circuit Local Preachers' Meeting


Top Tips for Students

  • Read the Course Handbook (see 'Start Here' in Module 1 on the Methodist Open Learning site)
  • Ask people to pray for you
  • Take time to reflect on your call to preach
  • Be part of a discussion group


Top Tips for Tutors

  • Your regional Learning Network team will hold regional training days
  • The role of tutor is as a facilitator of learning rather than a teacher
  • Plan when you will meet with your group for the Explore sessions at the start of the course
  • Ensure that you are familiar with the Prepare material for each module section, looking out for the elements which might be referred to in the Explore session
  • At the beginning of each Explore session consider asking each student to share their learning from the Prepare part of the module section that you are working on as this will help you gauge how each of your students has engaged with the material
  • Encourage students to identify an Apply & Reflect task to work on for formal assessment early on in the course
  • Ensure that you are familiar with the procedures for assessment and moderation of your students' work
  • Ensure you are offering helpful formative feedback to students as they complete different elements of what will become their portfolio


Top Tips for Circuit Local Preachers Secretaries

  • It is important that you have an awareness of the Course Handbook and its contents
  • Remember that a student cannot register on the course without a named tutor and mantor. You are responsible for registering tutors and students by completing the LPWL Return Form
  • The process for accrediting both local preachers and worship leaders remains as described in the relevant Standing Orders in CPD
  • Share the dates for Explore sessions in your circuit with your District LP Secretary
  • Consider working with other circuits and having cross-circuit groups


Top Tips for Mentors

  • Be confident! The circuit has asked you to take on this role because they are confident in your ability to be a good mentor
  • Training days are available - contact your regional Learning Network team
  • Your role is to support, encouage, to develop new skills and confidence and to help the student discern their calling
  • You are the key link between the student and the Local Preachers' Meeting


Top Tips for District Local Preachers Secretaries

  • Gather students together
  • Gather circuit local preachers secretaries
  • Hold a list of when the course is running in each circuit
  • Consider having a district response to the course
  • Consider having a Module 1 fast track weekend a few times a year
  • Your regional Learning Network officers are there to offer you support and they are a good source of information for updates


Top Tips when starting a New Group

  • Once tutors and mentors are identified and students have enrolled, have a meeting all together to go through things like: how to log into the virtual learning environment (VLE); how to navigate the VLE; study skills
  • Set the dates for the Explore sessions a good time in advance
  • Consider having some Saturdays or weekends away as a group to build relationships


Top Tips for Superintendents

  • Have an awareness of the Course Handbook and its contents
  • Encourage people within your circuit to explore a call to local preaching or worship leading by looking at some parts of the course together
  • Ensure a mentor is appointed for both local preachers and worship leaders. The mentor remains with the student throughout the training period. 
  • Think about churches in the circuit whose congregation members are confident enough and willing to give feedback on services there. Try to plan those 'on trial' at those churches.
  • Consider having copies of the Congregation Members's Feedback forms available in all churches in the circuit and encourage people to use them for all preachers - not just those 'on trial'
  • Protect tutors from lots of other circuit demands


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