Candidating Forms and Guidance Documents

Thank you for your interest in Candidating for Ordained Ministry in 2021/2022.

 Application forms will be available from 25 May 2021 until 31 August 2021. For an application form, please email .

Please note that District forms will be available for download on 2 October 2021. 


G.1 The Diaconate and the Methodist Diaconal Order Conference 2019 report

G.3 What is a Presbyter 2021-2022

G.4 Selection Criteria

G.5 Privacy and Cookie Policy 2021-2022

G.6 Steps in Candidating for Ordained Ministry  2021-2022

G.7 Guidance for Superintendents 2021-2022

G.8 Candidates Support 4-way meeting 2021-2022

G.9 The Costs of Candidating 2021-2022

G.10 Guidance for portfolio mentors 2021-2022

G.11 Guidance for placement supervisors 2021-2022

G.12 Deadline for all participants 2021-2022

G.13 Guidance for Chairs of District 2021-2022

G.14 Immigration guidance for candidates 2021-2022

G.15 Queens Foundation Open day programme 2021

G.16 Training pathways information 2021-2022

G.17  Protocols for Members of Candidates Committees 2021-2022

G.18 Guidance for Districts Candidates' Secretaries 2021-2022

G.19 Additional guidance on placements in light of Covid19 2021-2022

G.20 Additional guidance on assessed Acts of Worship or Proclamations in light of Covid19 2021-2022 



C.2 Candidating Portfolio Guidance 2021-2022

C.3.1 Guidance for Worship Report 2021-2022

C.3.2 Worship Report Form presbyteral candidates 2021-2022

C.3.3a Act of Worship Report Form diaconal candidates 2021-2022

C.3.3b Act of Proclamation Report Form diaconal candidates 2021-2022

C.4 Circuit Leadership Team Report 2021-2022

C.4.1 Circuit Meeting Vote Form 2021-2022



D.1 DCC Report from small group A

D.2 DCC Report from small group B

D.3 DCC Report from small group C

D.4 DCC Report of Full Committee 

D.5 DCC Candidates' Creative Presentation





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