Candidating Forms and Guidance Documents

Thank you for your interest in Candidating for Ordained Ministry in 2020/2021.

 Application forms will be available from 25 May 2021 until 31 August 2021. For an application form, please email .

Please note that District forms will be available for download on 2 October 2021. 


G.2 What is a Deacon

G.3 What is a Presbyter

G.4 Selection Criteria

G.5 Privacy and Cookie Policy

G.6 Steps in Candidating for Ordained Ministry 

G.7 Guidance for Superintendents

G.8 Candidates Support 4-way meeting

G.9 The Costs of Candidating

G.10 Guidance for portfolio mentors

G.11 Guidance for placement supervisors

G.12 Deadline for all participants

G.13 Guidance for Chairs of District 

G.14 Immigration guidance for candidates

G.15 Queens Foundation Open day programme

G.16 Training pathways information 

G.17  Protocols for Members of Candidates Committees

G.18 Guidance for Districts Candidates' Secretaries

G.19 Additional guidance on placements in light of Covid19

G.20 Additional guidance on assessed worship services in light of Covid19

C.2.1 Additional guidance for binding portfolios 2020-2021



C.2 Candidating Portfolio 

C.3 Worship Report Form

C.3.1 Guidance for Worship Report

C.4 Circuit Leadership Team Report

C.4.1 Circuit Meeting Vote Form



D.1 DCC Report from small group A

D.2 DCC Report from small group B

D.3 DCC Report from small group C

D.4 DCC Report of Full Committee 

D.5 DCC Candidates' Creative Presentation





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