Support for Candidates

East Central

Candidate Support - a programme of residential and daytime events to help those entering the candidating process for 2019/20

Regional Candidates Residential weekend
13 - 14 July 2019
10.00am Saturday to 3pm Sunday

Support Day 1 –21/9/2019
Support Day 2 –26/10/2019
Support Day 3 –30/11/2019
Support Day 4 –29/2/2020 (afternoon only)

To be led by District Candidates’ Secretaries and the Learning Network
Exact timings for the full days and venues to be confirmed dependent on cohort.


North West and Mann

The aim of the group is to provide information relating to the process of candidating and also to provide support through what can be a challenging year.

In each session we review where candidates are up to in terms of the process, especially as this changes during the course of the year. We also briefly share what we have been reading, specifically the recommended books or other things which we think others may find helpful. We refer frequently to the Candidating material and resources and, certainly in the earlier sessions to the requirements of CPD. In each session there is time for questions and discussion which means that sometimes those questions take priority over the set programme.


13 June 2020 (Via Zoom)
5 September 2020
26 September 2020
14 November 2020
5 December 2020
9 January 2021
6 February 2021

For further details Contact: Jasmine Devadason at or Christine Jones at


North East

Contact Tricia Mitchell with enquiries


Southern and Islands Region

For the 2019/2020 cycle there is likely to be a Candidates Support Day focussing on the Portfolio early in June and a Vocations Enquiry Day for those looking at employment within the church In mid-March.  These events and details are still to be confirmed, and there are likely to be changes, so please do look for updates.
Contact Revd Adrian Roux for further details 


London - 2018-19 Candidates Support Group 

Bryant Street Methodist Church
London E5 4RU

Time:  6pm to 8.30pm

11 December 2019

For further information contact Jonathan Mead

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