How are church stewards appointed?

While prayer should underpin the process by which prospective church stewards are appointed there are some practical boxes to tick.

Informal conversations kick off the process. Often existing stewards, the presbyter or other groups and individuals within the local church will have someone in mind. The prospective candidate is then asked, either by letter, phone or a face-to-face chat, to consider the appointment. It is important that enough time is allowed for them to think about how the role will balance with family life and other commitments.

The practice of pre-selection should be carefully judged so that the post remains open to all those eligible within the local church, and not just those the existing stewards know well.

However, the church can really benefit from this approach as it allows those with experience to use their valuable insight and can help build up a practice of 'succession planning', helping to ensure the post can always be filled.

Once a potential church steward has agreed that they are ready and willing to take up the role a written nomination is given to the minister, who then takes it to the General Church Meeting. It is there that the formal process of appointment happens, when the members of the General Church Meeting vote.  

Further information about the appointment of church stewards can be found in Standing Order 632. This can be found in Volume 2 of CPD.

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