Property Strategy

Our Calling to Fulfil:  ReImagining Methodist Property

After our people, our properties are one of the biggest assets to enabling mission.  The Connexional Property Strategy has a set of questions to enable churches and circuits to frame their thinking:

  1. How does this church property shape and give expression to the circuit/district mission plan(s)?
  2. What alternative uses might be made of the property/site as an expression of Methodist mission and ministry?
  3. Is there any potential for Methodist mission from this property?
  4. Is the site of strategic location within the locality?
  5. What other Christian presence remains in the locality, particularly in rural areas?
  6. Is this the only community space in the locality?
  7. What are the alternative uses with the site vacated, taking into account the local authority strategic plan - could it be redeveloped to generate income for mission elsewhere?
  8. What ecumenical/other partnerships opportunities exist for using the property? 
  9. Are alternative sites available to better fulfil mission?

If you are involved in a property project or thinking of embarking on one, please visit  Starting a Property Project for more useful information. 

The strategy was launched on 2 May 2019.  Here is a highlights video with some of the best bits from the day.  

The extended version of the talks are listed below:

1.  Opening Devotions and Responding to Our Calling through Property
The Revd Dr Stuart Burgess, Chair of the Property Development Committee

 2. Connexional Property Strategy and Evangelism and Growth - Part 1
Mrs Louise Wilkins, Conference Officer for Legal and Constitutional Practice 

 3. Connexional Property Strategy and Evangelism and Growth - Part 2
Trey Hall, Director of Evangelism and Growth

 4.  Maximising the Chances by Collaborative Working
The Revd Dr Kathleen Richardson 

5.  Out with the Old, In with the New - New Worshipping Communities in Old Church Buildings
The Rt Revd Ric Thorpe,  Bishop of Islington
To view the slides, click here.

6.  Methodist Homes Connecting Communities
Sam Monaghan, CEO of MHA and Andrew White
To view the slides, click here.  


7. Faithful Use of the Legacy - Tackling Homelessness Through Collaboration and Innovation
Jon Kuhrt, Rough Sleeping Advisor, Ministry of Housing
To view the slides, click here

8.   Living Buildings - Adaptation and Reuse
Dr Victoria Perry, Practice Director at Donald Insall Associates - Architect & Architectural Historian
To view the slides, click here.  




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