Job 28:1-28 Wednesday 4 February 2015

Psalm: Psalm 102:1-11


Chapter 28 is a kind of interlude in the book of Job. Most ofthe book is in the form of a debate between Job and his friendsabout the problem of suffering. But in chapter 28 the issue isbroader: where can we find the wisdom to answer the deep questionsthe book as a whole raises?

This chapter, like most of the book, is in the form of Hebrewpoetry, which the setting of the NRSV translation brings out.Regularly the thought of the first line of a couplet is repeated indifferent words in the second. Sometimes there is a contrastbetween the two lines.

The first part of the chapter graphically describes the activityof miners digging for precious stones. Hard as that is, it is easycompared with trying to find wisdom! At least the miners know whereto look! In the end, verse 28 seems to say, God has the secret toit and only God can impart it.

To Ponder

  • In what sense should we fear God?
  • How would you characterise a truly wise person?
  • Can one be wise without being good? Why, or why not?
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