04 December 2019

2019 statistics collection: December update

This information was sent to all Membership Secretaries, Chairs of District, District Administrators, Superintendents and Circuit Administrators on the above publishing date of this news article.

We’re halfway through the data collection period and about a third of all societies have submitted their statistics. A number of circuits are complete, and there is even one District that has managed to get all their figures already! Many thanks to everyone.

We haven’t yet checked whether the data actually makes sense; that will come at a later stage…

For now, here are a few pointers and reminders:

  • If anyone has difficulties with logging into the Online Suite that are not resolved by requesting a new password, get in touch now. Some problems can only be resolved from our end, such as making an existing user visible in their new circuit. Contacting us early will avoid delays and frustration. In some cases it can be a website fault that affects everyone, and if we don’t know about it, we can’t resolve it.
  • There are currently 20+ churches which have reported their change of status (closing or becoming a class) but subsequently not submitted their final statistics. This means the process cannot be completed. All churches have been informed directly, and you will have also received a District-specific list in the November statistics info email.
  • If last year’s membership, the in-year membership changes and this year’s membership numbers don’t add up, you will see an amber warning message. This will not prevent you from submitting the statistics, but should prompt you to double-check the data. The “Other Gains” and “Other Losses” fields should be used to account for historical inaccuracies.
  • On circuit level, we now have the Digital Archive tab with basic information about former societies. We are seeking to expand the information available there, but are still lacking confirmation or corrections from circuits themselves (Are the closure dates correct? Is something missing?). Please take a moment to check your District’s circuit pages / circuit’s page.
  • Church, circuit and District websites can be edited in the respective welcome tabs (one of the new features this year). This is the address shown on the webmap. Please make sure it’s up to date, especially if there’s been a recent circuit or church merger in your area.

Visit these pages for further guidance and information:

The Methodist Church House will be closed for Christmas from 25 December to 1 January and reopen on 2 January. Emails are not monitored during that time. The data entry site is open until 31 January 2020.

Cover picture by Dominika Roseclay (www.pexels.com)

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