22 January 2021

2020 statistics collection: January 2021 update

Thank you to the many of you (72%) who have already submitted their 2020 membership statistics via the Online Suite. We are now approaching the submission deadline of 31 January 2021. Please ensure that all churches have completed their figures until then.


  • +++TECHNICAL GLITCH+++ Office holder updates are being processed but the updated information is currently not visible on the website. Rest assured, the information appears correctly on our database und we expect the data to be synchronised shortly. Please do not enter updates more than once.
  • PASTORAL CONTACT (Church Profile tab): Please ensure that your church has the correct pastoral contact listed. Get in touch if the person you want to select is not in the dropdown menu.
  • CLOSED CHURCHES: If a church ceases to meet or changes its status in any other way (by becoming a class or merging with another society), this needs to be reported via the relevant church’s Profile tab (the same tab where the Pastoral Contact information is located).
    When you do report such a change of status, please fill in a final statistical record, accounting for the remaining membership at the time by noting them as “transfers out” or “other losses”. The final membership figure of a church that has ceased to meet, become a class or merged – and consequently will not have an individual record on the statistics site any more – should be zero. 
    Many managing trustees have registered sale projects on the consents site that specifically mentioned that a society had ceased to meet, but did not report the corresponding change of status.
    There are also still pending closures from last year that have not yet submitted their final statistics.
  • MANAGING USERS: It is now possible to download a list of all web users in your area. The link appears at the top of the list of contacts in the Manage Users section.

Visit these pages for further guidance and information:

The data entry site will be open until 31 January 2021.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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