01 October 2020

2020 statistics collection: site now open

The data entry site is now open for the 2020 statistics collection. Changes to this year’s collection and various reminders are summarised below:

  • INFORMATION: Due to the ongoing restrictions relating to group gatherings, we are not collecting attendance data in the 2020 statistics collection.
    Online and paper forms have been amended accordingly.
    Other minor changes are noted in the 2020 guidance manual.
  • TO CHECK: More than 500 churches currently do not have a pastoral contact listed; others may be out of date as this information does not automatically link to the annual stationing changes.
    Please check if your churches show the correct details in Basic Details section in the Church Profile tab. Lists are available on request.
  • TO CHECK: Related to the point above, a reminder that web user permissions for ministers who moved stations might also still need to be changed accordingly.
    User accounts for those located in newly merged circuits may also need to be updated.
  • TO CHECK: Now is also a good time to check whether the office holders information listed for each church, circuit and district is still up to date.
  • TO DO (DISTRICT-SPECIFIC): Changes of church status - 
    If you have already reported a change of status, you can now submit a reconciliatory statistics record. 
    If you have not yet reported a change of status, please complete the statistics before going to the church profile tab to submit a change of church status message. 

Visit these pages for further guidance and information:

The data entry site will be open until 31 January 2021.

Photo by Joey Kyber from Pexels

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