"Vocation emerges from a dynamic relationship between The Caller and the called"

Walter Brueggemann

  • maybe there are promptings in your prayer life to pay attention to.
  • maybe there are people around you encouraging you to explore some kind of new ministry or opportunity or role in your church or community.
  • maybe you are wondering if you have the skills and gifting to join in with something in church, or to change something.

If you can say yes to one, two or all three of these, maybe God is calling you to something.

Have a look at these pages and see if anything stands out for you.

Talk with your Minister, or someone else you know involved in some of these ministries. Or if there is something you feel called to but you don’t see it locally, get in touch with your regional Learning Network and they may be able to connect you to others.

From time to time we will be posting films of people sharing their calling stories on here.

This is Monica talking about what she loves about being a local preacher.

For all of Monica's films and those of many others check out the YouTube playlist 


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