Methodists believe that this is God’s world, God’s church and God’s mission and ministry. We are invited to join God in that, and we have a community of believers around us to help us work out what is the best way, in this time and at this place, that we can play our part in the Body of Christ to be God’s church in God’s world.

All are called by God to follow in the way of Jesus, and what that journey is like is unique for each of us. We are not left alone in working out our unique journey, the Holy Spirit is with us, for it is not ‘our’ mission or ministry it is God’s and we all have a part to play.

Some people are called from their current lives to a new life. Most of us are called, in the lives we are living, with the people with whom we live and work, amongst the communities of which we are a part.

     Some people are called to serve in gathered church.

     All are called to serve in scattered church. 

(images courtesy of licc.org.uk)

The adventure is to work out, with God, what is ours to do and be in the contexts we are in.

Therefore, the vocations section of this website is here to offer you two things:

  • To resource you, as you discern what God is calling you to do and be in your life.
  • To signpost you around the Methodist Church website, to lots of different kinds of vocations within gathered church life.


To hear from some Methodists who love their callings check out the YouTube playlist 


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