Discerning Vocation

On these pages you will find materials and resources to help you work out what your calling is – we sometimes call this discernment.

Call: A sense of a prompting, from God, to do something.

Discernment: Working out what ‘the something’ might be. 

Vocation: A way of living our lives that enables us to ‘do and be’ the something.

For some, this is a specific calling to a particular kind of ministry, in or on behalf of, the Church.  For others, it could mean serving God through faithful discipleship in everyday life. For more on a Methodist understanding of discernment

Resources to help you discern your vocation

Golden Circles discernment activity, for use on your own or in a group


Reflection on discernment - sailboat activity for use on your own


Called To Be postcards These free (+p&p) postcards can be: • Used in small groups as conversation starters • Used in worship • Used on your own as you wonder about a calling to serve within Methodism The cards all have a beautiful image on the front and then some reflection questions on the back


This Time : This Place   A reflective journal for individuals to jot down, or draw, their responses to some reflection questions on God's calling for us in our lives right now. £1 + p&p

This journal asks questions of your sense of calling in the whole of your life and not specifically about any one calling or callings within church life.

This Time: This Place aims to help us explore what ‘Follow me’ means in our lives right now. By considering the reflection questions in this booklet, we are asking ‘What is my vocation here and now?’ For all of us this changes over time, and will depend on the place we are at in our lives.


Pick and Mix : A Vocational Planning Resource This free (+p&p) resource seeks to ignite your imagination, in your own context, whether in your local church, circuit or district, or as an individual. It seeks to encourage you to choose to make small but significant changes which create a culture that builds confidence to respond to God’s invitations.

The resource is also here as a PDF (remember to view it in 2-page view)

www.methodistpublishing.org.uk/books/GA152-ED-13/called-to-serve-  Could God be calling you to serve overseas? Our Partner Churches around the world are always looking for people, both lay and ordained, who have professional skills to serve with them in their mission.

Events to support you as you discern your vocation

Exploring Ordained Ministry?

  • Each year there are events for those who want to find out more about ordained ministry. 
  • This website has a lot of information for those exploring ordained ministry,

Coming soon, events and courses to support your vocational discernment, be it to lay ministry within or outside the church, or ordained ministry


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