Blackpool Food Partnership

Blackpool Food Partnership works to reduce poverty by encouraging charities, churches and community groups to work together.  It has reduced competition, broken down barriers, encouraged the sharing of resources including training and food.  It has changed the culture of church community kitchens, so that they now focus on a hand up to people, as well as handing out food; and to tackling the underlying issues of addiction, housing, budgeting, low skills, lack of confidence and self-esteem. 

In 2015/16 we distributed £77,000 worth of surplus food to 29 organisations across Blackpool.  This year we have distributed £113,536 of surplus food and distributed out to 51 organisations across Blackpool.

We have increased the number of outlets we collect from and the range of food we collect. We now collect frozen meals, frozen dairy products and a wide range of fresh food and vegetables.  This has enabled customers to get larger parcels, including fresh vegetables and bread.  It also means that the 51 partner organisations are able to receive bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, cakes and biscuits and dairy products as well as dried and tinned food.

We provide food to approx. 1490 people a week through partner organisations.

We have a new relationship with Proctor and Gamble which has enable us to have a several vans full of nappies and some other hygiene products too helping us provide much needed support for local hostels and childrens centres.

Our scope goes wider than just food provision.  In 2016/17 we have continued to work alongside community kitchens and centres to provide washing and drying facilities for those who need access to these facilities.   We arranged through a local supplier to have irons and ironing boards provided so that clients can feel worthy and humane.  

In addition,  also secured funding to pay for mobile phones to enable clients at local work clubs the facility to contact JobCentres in relation to their claims as many do not have a phone provision.

For further details about the work we do, alongside current photographs then please see our website

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