Open Doors project Hull

Since year 2000,the Open Doors (OD) project has been working with people seeking sanctuary (including the destitute), refugees and migrant workers. It was started by five members of Princes Avenue Methodist Church (PAMC), and led by the Minister Rev Sue Sowden to offer hospitality to the newcomers arriving in Hull by Home Office direction from Afghanistan and Kosovo.

Since its inception, the Open Doors project has had, and continues to enjoy the financial backing and support of York and Hull Methodist District, Hull (Centre and West Circuit) and Princes Avenue Methodist Church. It also relies on many individual donors as well as ecumenical support.

The practical guidance comes from the Project Coordinator Support Group, which is made up of pioneer members of this project, a representative from Hull West Circuit, and Open Doors volunteers. It meets three to four times a year.

Day-to-day running is organised by the Project Coordinator under the supervision of Line Manager appointed by the Hull Centre and West Circuit.

Open Doors offers a wide variety of relevant activities, projects and support. These include English and Arabic classes, computer lessons, help with form-filling, food and clothing banks, small cash grants, an allotment, guitar classes, a choir, hot meals and signposting to other relevant services provided by specialist outside agencies.

Open Doors offers a welcome, hospitality and helpfor asylumseekers and refugees in Hull, and also to migrant workers from Eastern Europe. All are welcome in this diverse community, without regard to faith, skin colour, language, or politics; all are invited to come in peace, to sit down and be refreshed, to share in the common life and to eat with us.

This project is benefitting the church in a number of ways:

  1. Sharing  the Gospel/Christian values with the needy and people of other faith showing love, care and acceptance.
  2. Reaching and building relationship with the people of other faiths and cultures.
  3. Showing and putting Gospel in action.
  4. Helping others to understand the message of the Christ.

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