Create an advert

The purpose of any advertisement is two-fold:

  1. To attract a sufficient number of candidates, who may possess the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to do the job effectively
  2. To provide sufficient information to allow interested parties to self select at this stage. In attracting candidates, thought needs to be given to what 'selling points' the post offers

Advertising may be placed in many choices of media, for example:

  • the Job Centre
  • Relevant websites
  • Social media network such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Local or national press
  • Specialist journals or magazines
  • Local notice boards

The choice of medium should be appropriate for the type of post.  The cost of advertising should be considered and provision made.

An Advert Must

  • Be consistent with the JD, person specification and any other information supplied to candidates
  • Include the salary and benefits 
  • Include the application closing and (hopefully) interview dates
  • Include the length of the contract, if the post is for a fixed term
  • Make it clear how applicants should respond to the advert - e.g. asking the applicant to email requesting an application pack, or to send a CV
  • Provide a clear and accurate picture of the Church/Circuit/Districtactivities, the job duties, level of seniority, and the type of candidate the Church/Circuit/District is seeking

Important to Note!

  • A poorly or vaguely worded advertisement may result in a large number of applications, many of which will be unsuitable, thus wasting valuable time and resources. It is always better to seek to attract a small number of suitable candidates rather than a large, miscellaneous array of people.
  • Advertisements must not indicate a preference for either gender or religion (unless an Occupational Requirement has been identified); for further information contact your Lay Employment Secretary in the first instance. 
  • Adjectives such as 'lively', 'energetic' and 'mature' should be avoided as these could be seen to suggest a preference for candidates of particular age groups and therefore potentially discriminatory on the grounds of age.
  • Anything contained in an advert can be seen as contractually binding, therefore ensure that anything included in the advert is reflective of the job description and person specification.
  • Do not speak about years of experience!

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