Stipends and lay employment rates

The Methodist Conference approved a standard stipend of £23,556 for the year commencing 1 September 2017.  The recommended basis of the annual increase will be the average of the increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Average Weekly Earnings Index (AWEI).

Superintendent's/Synod Secretary's Allowance

Superintendent       7.5% of standard stipend

The 5% Synod Secretary allowance has been discontinued with effect from 1/9/2016 for new appointments. Existing post holders will continue to receive it until their term ceases.

Lay Employees

In accordance with Conference resolutions, hourly rates paid to all lay employees should be at least the Living Wage rates.

Recommended minimum hourly rates are:

London      £9.75 per hour
Outside London         £8.45  per hour


These rates are now published by the Living Wage Foundation (LWF)

There is no longer a separate rate for Scotland.

For further information on lay employee rates districts should refer to the Lay Employment Advisory Information Pack.

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