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LPWL Return Form

To report Local Preacher developments in your circuit, including requesting accreditation material or Long Service Certificates or registering new students, tutors or mentors for training, please fill in an LPWL Return Form:

Click here to complete a Local Preachers' Return Form and register any changes in your circuit online. 

Or click here to download a Word version of the Return Form to fill in and submit to us via post or email. (PDF available here.)


Long Service Certificates

Long Service Certificates will only be provided by the Connexional Team for 25, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 years of service.

Due to a limited number of certificates which have been signed by the President and Vice-President of Conference, The Connexional Team cannot issue certificates containing these signatures to anyone who requests them at times other than those stated above.

However, an alternative is a new Long Service Certificate, which is now available online at the link below. This certificate can be signed by the Superintendent of the circuit and is otherwise identical to the usual certificates.

This is not a replacement to the current certificate, rather as an alternative so that years of service can be recognised at any point in the ministry of a local preacher. This certificate can also be used to mark occasions such as retirements or other significant milestones.

You are invited to print and present these certificates locally yourselves - much like the current system for Worship Leader certificates.

New Long Service Certificate available to download here.

If you have trouble printing these new certificates please contact us at localpreachers@methodistchurch.org.uk


Guidelines and forms:




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